Monday, August 12, 2013

outside the city

I'm working on loads of exciting projects, most of them video projects. It's great, because I get to work with other people, one of them being my boyfriend. He made music for some videos I've created (more on that in the future!) and I'm making videos for music he has made.

The great thing about Amsterdam and where I live, is that nature is just around the corner. About five minutes on my bike and here I am in the polder! The weather was great so I made some try out videos to accompany music inspired by the Dutch landscape. Along with that I snapped my outfit really quick. At the moment I'm into stealing my boys shirts and wearing them on black leggings. Easy breezy!

 photo Thegreatwillowtree-middenpolder.jpg

 photo Thegreatwillowtree-middenpolder2.jpg

Shirt - H&M mensdep, shoes - H&M, legging - H&M, sunglasses - H&M (Hmmm, there is a pattern to this outfit!)

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