Friday, August 30, 2013

b e r l i n / p a r t 1

Berlin was great! It was sunny and funny and I met some amazing people, drank cheap beer, ate great cheap food and saw lots and then not sooo much.
We had rented bikes, so the amount of pictures is amazingly small I realized on coming home. I didn't think it wise to photograph/film while making my way through Berlin. I'll post the small amount of pictures I have anyway. I'll even make a few parts of my Berlin adventure.
Here the first one. We had a really really early train, but our getting up super early was rewarded with beautiful sights.

 photo TheGreatWillowTree-ToBerlin2.jpg
 photo TheGreatWillowTree-ToBerlin.jpg
 photo TheGreatWillowTree-ToBerlin3.jpg

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