Friday, August 30, 2013

b e r l i n / p a r t 1

Berlin was great! It was sunny and funny and I met some amazing people, drank cheap beer, ate great cheap food and saw lots and then not sooo much.
We had rented bikes, so the amount of pictures is amazingly small I realized on coming home. I didn't think it wise to photograph/film while making my way through Berlin. I'll post the small amount of pictures I have anyway. I'll even make a few parts of my Berlin adventure.
Here the first one. We had a really really early train, but our getting up super early was rewarded with beautiful sights.

 photo TheGreatWillowTree-ToBerlin2.jpg
 photo TheGreatWillowTree-ToBerlin.jpg
 photo TheGreatWillowTree-ToBerlin3.jpg

Monday, August 19, 2013

l a t e l y / a u g u s t

I've been very busy and haven't had much time to blog. I worked a lot, but also had a lovely party in the park. This weekend I hang my honeycomb shelves with some help from my dad. Our living room has had a total transformation. We've thrown out the tv, because it was broken and decided not to get a new one. Right now I love sitting on our couch and thinking about what to change next. I already have a diy pouf in my mind.
It also made me start crocheting. I have loads of yarn from my mother and I think I'll try to make a grannysquare blanket, using Sandra Juto's lovely tutorial. It'll be a white and blue blanket with loads of different kind of yarns.
This week I'll go to Berlin! Afterwards I hope to share loads of photos and a video! When I'm back and the light is just right I'll share some more pictures from the new living room.

 photo thegreatwillowtreelatelyaugust3.jpg
 photo thegreatwillowtreelatelyaugust2.jpg
 photo thegreatwillowtreelatelyaugust4.jpg
 photo thegreatwillowtreelatelyaugust5.jpg
 photo thegreatwillowtreelatelyaugust6.jpg

Monday, August 12, 2013

outside the city

I'm working on loads of exciting projects, most of them video projects. It's great, because I get to work with other people, one of them being my boyfriend. He made music for some videos I've created (more on that in the future!) and I'm making videos for music he has made.

The great thing about Amsterdam and where I live, is that nature is just around the corner. About five minutes on my bike and here I am in the polder! The weather was great so I made some try out videos to accompany music inspired by the Dutch landscape. Along with that I snapped my outfit really quick. At the moment I'm into stealing my boys shirts and wearing them on black leggings. Easy breezy!

 photo Thegreatwillowtree-middenpolder.jpg

 photo Thegreatwillowtree-middenpolder2.jpg

Shirt - H&M mensdep, shoes - H&M, legging - H&M, sunglasses - H&M (Hmmm, there is a pattern to this outfit!)

Saturday, August 10, 2013

f o c u s / 7

This focus series has really helped me a lot. Whenever I feel a bit stuck, whether in work or something else, I just grab my camera with a 50mm lens and try to capture something I love. This way I can put things in perspective and make everything a bit simpler.

I love having flowers in the house. I love them in almost every state, being it buds, full blooming flowers, or sad drooping ones. The problem with this is that I never know when to throw them away. Sometimes I just don't, I have a vase with a wild assortment of dead, dried flowers stuck under my desk in the attic. No idea what to do with them. I just don't like throwing them away.
  The Great Willow Tree / focus / 7 photo IMG_8082.jpg

Friday, August 9, 2013

a little song

A little song to brighten your day.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

t h i n g s I m a k e / a stop motion movie!

I hope this little video can put a smile on your face!
I made it last year in my kitchen for a photography class assignment. The assignment was to photograph a place that stays the same, but is different every time. Think: a park bench where different people sit at different times. I thought about my kitchen being clean and then being messy a few hours later. The idea kind of flew to great heights and this is the result! It was my first attempt at stop motion and making a video. I'm still pretty happy with it! Enjoy

Kitchen life from Iris van Vliet on Vimeo.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

f o c u s / 6

These weeks have been way to hectic, but I hope it'll help me focussing on the things I want to accomplish. 
I always find calm and pleasure in my tiny balcony garden, putting tiny herbs in my lunch, cutting away dead flowers and seeing new ones grow and blossom. 

 photo drieluik2.jpg