Wednesday, February 27, 2013


These are my tiny little seedlings. Since I don't have a real garden and can't make too elaborate plans (which I do anyway!) I don't really plan when I plant my seeds. So it happens on days when I dream of winter being over, seeing the first few rays of sun hitting the balcony. I grab some potting soil, some pots, seeds and start enjoying my black nails. I don't know anything about the ideal time to plant your seeds. This is something I will dive into when I have an actual garden.
So for now my collection of seedlings of herbs I love to have fresh. Aren't they darling and full of promise.

I've planted oregano, parsley, lavender, coriander, basil and camomile.
Last year I didn't have any luck with the camomile, but they look better this year. The oregano is very shy still and only one lavender seed is growing. But the coriander is bursting with life (it also has the sunniest spot in my window)

I'll start planting my vegetables and flowers a little later (though I couldn't help myself to plan some of them already...!)

Next time I'm sowing I want to try soaking the seeds first. I've found info on that here, via Pinterest of course

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bird on the Wire in the studio

My dear friends from Bird on the Wire were in the studio to record their very first album last week. I went to visit them one day and took loads and loads of pictures. See for yourself:

I loved being there and hearing bits and pieces of the beautiful album they have recorded. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Birthday wish list

Almost there! Next weekend I'm turning 25! This means I have a few birthday themed posts coming up this week. First: presents.
Every year it becomes harder for me to think up presents. I guess I have most things I want and try not to want too much new stuff. The boy and I are on a massive furniture hunt, so my parents are helping with some funding for that. Apart from that I would love anything from this wish list. And I would love to have a garden, but I guess that doesn't fit in a paper. 

1. What Katie Ate Cookbook with beautiful photos and yummy recipes to try out!
2. Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch Tablet can't wait to try working with one. But need to have it first of course.  
3. Beautiful shoes from Sacha which I already bought for myself as a birthday present. Do you know the feeling of looking at your new shoes on your feet and thinking: these should have been here all along! I truly love these.
4. I would love to add some taxidermy butterflies to my house, or maybe a little skull or antlers. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Snowy sunday

My enthusiasm for spring didn't make winter go away. Last night it snowed again! But that didn't stop the boy and me to take an early morning walk to a cafe next to river. It was closed, but that didn't matter much. We had a beautiful walk with ducks, snow, trees and a chick.

Stay warm!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Exciting times!

New plans! I don't know about you, but I love the end of winter, knowing spring is around the corner. Often I get too enthusiastic and declare winter is over way too early.
With spring comes some exciting new plans. I'm about to open an Etsy store with my knitted necklaces! This really excites me and also makes me nervous about what it will (or will not?) bring. The big opening will be announced here of course. I'm working hard on the visuals and knit a thousand miles an hour.

Further more I have a lot of things to blog about here. 
Some of my initial plans didn't work out, like the weekly museum visits. The thing is I'm better with pictures than with words. So writing about expositions left me helpless. I'm going to skip that or transform it in a visual story. I really need to develop this idea as you see.
What I will write about more is my photography, my house-upgrade plans, some secondhand clothing adventures (including a bit of remodeling of them) and my irking green fingers that need to be satisfied with a small balcony in the big city. Maybe it's the spring thing, but I've already planted seeds to grow in the house (too early, I know, but I don't care!). I love fresh herbs and there have been to little of them the past few weeks. 
So stay tuned and expect some new posts in the near future. 

Also, I upgraded the lay out of my blog some more. It was too pink.

Ps. Look at the sun shining in my kitchen!