Monday, September 2, 2013

p h o t o d i a r y / 2

Early morning walks on sunday are the best. Yesterday we walked to our beloved cafe for a coffee and walked back through the Amstel park in Amsterdam. We never really visited this park, but it is lovely! There is soo much to do! There's even a labyrinth! And lama's! And kangaroos!

 photo TheGreatWillowTree-Amstelpark1.jpg
 photo TheGreatWillowTree-Amstelpark2.jpg
 photo TheGreatWillowTree-Amstelpark3.jpg
 photo TheGreatWillowTree-Amstelpark4.jpg
 photo TheGreatWillowTree-Amstelpark5.jpg
 photo TheGreatWillowTree-Amstelpark6.jpg
 photo TheGreatWillowTree-Amstelpark7.jpg
 photo TheGreatWillowTree-Amstelpark8.jpg
 photo TheGreatWillowTree-Amstelpark9.jpg