Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Exciting times!

New plans! I don't know about you, but I love the end of winter, knowing spring is around the corner. Often I get too enthusiastic and declare winter is over way too early.
With spring comes some exciting new plans. I'm about to open an Etsy store with my knitted necklaces! This really excites me and also makes me nervous about what it will (or will not?) bring. The big opening will be announced here of course. I'm working hard on the visuals and knit a thousand miles an hour.

Further more I have a lot of things to blog about here. 
Some of my initial plans didn't work out, like the weekly museum visits. The thing is I'm better with pictures than with words. So writing about expositions left me helpless. I'm going to skip that or transform it in a visual story. I really need to develop this idea as you see.
What I will write about more is my photography, my house-upgrade plans, some secondhand clothing adventures (including a bit of remodeling of them) and my irking green fingers that need to be satisfied with a small balcony in the big city. Maybe it's the spring thing, but I've already planted seeds to grow in the house (too early, I know, but I don't care!). I love fresh herbs and there have been to little of them the past few weeks. 
So stay tuned and expect some new posts in the near future. 

Also, I upgraded the lay out of my blog some more. It was too pink.

Ps. Look at the sun shining in my kitchen!

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