Monday, August 19, 2013

l a t e l y / a u g u s t

I've been very busy and haven't had much time to blog. I worked a lot, but also had a lovely party in the park. This weekend I hang my honeycomb shelves with some help from my dad. Our living room has had a total transformation. We've thrown out the tv, because it was broken and decided not to get a new one. Right now I love sitting on our couch and thinking about what to change next. I already have a diy pouf in my mind.
It also made me start crocheting. I have loads of yarn from my mother and I think I'll try to make a grannysquare blanket, using Sandra Juto's lovely tutorial. It'll be a white and blue blanket with loads of different kind of yarns.
This week I'll go to Berlin! Afterwards I hope to share loads of photos and a video! When I'm back and the light is just right I'll share some more pictures from the new living room.

 photo thegreatwillowtreelatelyaugust3.jpg
 photo thegreatwillowtreelatelyaugust2.jpg
 photo thegreatwillowtreelatelyaugust4.jpg
 photo thegreatwillowtreelatelyaugust5.jpg
 photo thegreatwillowtreelatelyaugust6.jpg

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