Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A quick note: New phone!

So I finally did it, I got a telephone contract with a new phone. This means I finally get a new one, all for myself. Before this I used cheap models (aka, no internet, no camera, only using it for calling and texting) and after that I got an old iPhone which belonged to my boy.
But now I've got my own! It so super fast and I can finally use all the apps I've installed. So I'll be getting active on Instagram as well. You can find me under 'greatwillowtree'. Let me know yours!

Now I only have to wait for my perfect iPhone case made by Ulrika Kestere aka Ulicam. Boy that was a hard decision, they're all so lovely.

And that is a picture (made with Instagram) of one of my succulents. I love them! (who doesn't?!) I'll do a blog post about them soon (again, who doesn't?!).

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