Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bird on the Wire

I am very much blessed with a lot of friends who make great music in great bands. One of these bands is Bird on the Wire. My high school friend Nina, who is am amazing drummer, forms this band with the lovely Rosa. They had had some bad luck with guitarists, but since a few months my boy is also part of the Birds. About a week ago they had their first gig in this new assembly and it was a great success.

I love what my boy brings to the band. He looks so good with his new bass-guitar-combo and he sings! Here are some pictures of that night made by me. They had a panda bear-livestream projected behind them, which was ultimately cool! Also down here is a videoclip of one of their songs (with an old guitarist). I love the clip so much, it such a nice and sad journey into this lonely bird-mans life.

Bird on the wire V Bird on the wire I Bird on the wire III Bird on the wire IV Bird on the wire II

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