Saturday, July 13, 2013

l a t e l y / j u l y

Home grown radish, a pizza shaped like Africa or a skull (accidentally!), bread fresh from the oven, a happy breakfast and my plant nursery.

It's been a rough few weeks with not enough sleep, too much work and no rest for my thoughts. I think it culminated in fainting in a shop yesterday (luckily my boy was there with me and nothing bad happened). Now I have a short vacation in which I plan to finish two big photography/film projects, but I must listen a bit more to my body. 
I miss nature around me, which I've experienced in abundance on Terschelling and I feel stuck in the city. So a short camping trip of one night is also planned next week. And I hope the bike ride every morning to my temporary studio will do me good.
I have felt a bit lost, but I'm getting back on track again. 

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