Sunday, July 28, 2013

a non recipe - nectarine crumble

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Do you remember the nectarines I mentioned more than a week ago? Yep, I still had them sitting around... I stuck them in the fridge so they would survive a bit longer, but still I had to use them.
So I made a nectarine crumble! This is a non recipe really, because I did it all by feel. No weighing ingredients, setting clocks or precise temperature. Just dumping butter, flour, sugar and a bit of cinnamon in a bowl to make the crumble and put that on top of a sliced nectarine. Pop it in the oven and see when it's done. Hmmmm, smells soo good and tastes like heaven. We had them as lunch dessert, hey, it's sunday!

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A real nectarine recipe I'd like to try is this beautiful nectarine pizza by Alexandra's Kitchen.

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