Saturday, March 16, 2013

Project Living Room

It's about a year ago that I moved in with my boy and still there are many many house improving projects on my list. Some time ago I managed to cross one off!

I've been inspired by Maiedae to fix up our art display above the couch. There used to be an Ikea print of a take out of Gustav Klimts Sea Serpents II, which I think is kind of tacky (though I really love Klimt, don't get me wrong!). But I wanted something more special. So seeing the lovely playful artwork Maiedae put together, I thought I wanted something like that too.



I really love how it looks! Most pictures and frames I got from thrift stores in Amsterdam and my boys hometown. A few I already had laying (or hanging) around and some of the pictures are postcards I gathered when traveling through Europe a few years ago. And Freddy Mercury is on display too, this can't get any better.

I just gathered a lot and then laid it out on the couch to find a composition I liked. After that I transferred it to the wall, beginning with the largest piece and working my way to the outsides.

Also we got a new couch from Ikea, which is so so lovely! We hardly used to hang out there before, because the old couch was so crappy. Now we love this corner. Before:

More home improvement stories coming up!

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