Monday, November 26, 2012


Lately I've been busy with loads of good stuff. Since I only work two days a week at a "real" job, I can spend the rest of my time on my own projects. So there are some photography project I will show you shortly. Apart from that I'm doing a lot of remodeling in the house. But since I'm on a budget, this contains a lot of thrifting, which I love! I've already bought a lot of vintage (or just old?!) frames and pictures for an artsy display above the couch.
And of course it Christmas is coming. This is the second Christmas living with my boy, but last year I couldn't convince him to get a tree, since we wouldn't spend Christmas at home. But this year we will, Christmas eve that is, so I'm getting high on Christmas decorations (also thrifted or hand-made!) 
The picture above I made at the Amsterdamse Bos (the forest of Amsterdam) when the boy and I went for a bike ride and found this farm-turned-into-restaurant with deer and peacocks which was lovely. 

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